I’ve decided to do another one of these posts because they are good therapy for me when i’m stressed which I am VERY at the moment…hello half a years art work to do in 4 days. So heres a recap of how i’m going just icase anyones bored enough to want to read these.

What I’m worried about: Finishing my art boards- still worried about these, that the sunglasses I found on trade me will sell – yup they sold and that the big day out tickets will sell out.

What I’m sad about: I’m broke– correction my Grandpa gave me thirty dollars, roooooolling in it now and the weather is so nice and theres so much fun stuff to do and places to go but I can’t do any of it becozz of school.

What I’m happy about: I bought 40 coat hangers for a dollar- still very pleased with this, also happy that i’m healthy (touch wood), my dad bought Feist’s new album Metals which means that I don’t have to buy it (he also said he nearly bought Taylor Swifts album Fearless instead which freaked me out), the All Blacks won the Rugby World cup- New Zealand= winners!!!! and reading the style.com review for Christopher Kane’s most recent collection made me happy.

What I want: Big day out ticket, a job, for my exams to be over, The Chronic by Dr Dre album, Sunglasses, The Karen Walker orange lace top and dress, a singing lotus candle, flowers …still want all of this but I also want my step grandad whos very very sick at the moment to get healthy soon.

What I’m watching/listening to: Metals by Feist cos it was playing upstairs before aaaand not much else because I am so so so so sooo busy.

and yes i just read through thsi and realised how there are no photos to go with it and also how many mistakes and how i’ve written evrything like exactly how its coming out of my brain and how most of it makes not much sense.


About sokeenfor

This is a collection of things which I really like, not just clothes and stuff but anything really.
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