(Antony Starr and Tammy Davis as Van and Munter on Outrageous Fortune)

I’m going to miss this show so much, and especially these two!

Munter: There’s a big fish up there with my name on it. Big snapper.
Van: It’s a fish called Munter.
Munter: That’s a cool name, eh?
Van: What’s my fish called?
Munter: Van. Van Fish. And it’s friends with the other fish, the Munter.
Van: Yeah, and they like, swim around…
Munter: Just cruising, cos that’s the kind of fish they are.
Van: Yeah.
Munter: The Van Fish and the Munter Fish.
Van: And they’re cool, man.
Munter: Of course they’re cool, cos they’re in the water.


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