One of this seasons biggest accesory trends would be the hat. I’ve never seen hats play such an important part of fashion in my life and they are something that I have always loved, I used to always ask my grandma what it was like when it was normal for everyone to walk around with hats on, the styles that i’ve seen around are different from the hats my grandma was talking about, but it doesn’t matter they’re still hats.

One of the great things about a hat is that most can be worn in both summer and winter (with the exception of sunhats, beanies and caps) and can make you feel more mysterious.

A great masculine looking felt or wool hat can make a more feminine outfit look cool and balanced, i prefer these styles in darker colours like brown or especially black but i’ve seen some beautiful ones in marroon, khaki and navy blue. And you should always wear your hair out when wearing one of these styles because the harsh, clean lines of the hat contrast amazingly with long natural hair.

The other style which would be my personal choice this summer is the floppy hat, I’m not sure if I could wear the PVC versions in the top picture…as much as I love them, but definately a felt or woollen version in black or a lighter colour like white or beige. these hats are more casual and comfortable looking than the masculine styles, And they look very 70’s which must be a good thing because plenty of editorials have had a seventies theme lately, so i’ll definately be looking for a great floppy hat to reward myself after my exams!


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This is a collection of things which I really like, not just clothes and stuff but anything really.
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  1. Bonnie says:

    I love the top pic!! this is such a nice post char!!xxx

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