I was inspired to do this from the post secret blog. So these are now going to be out in the open, and to my three freinds and dad that read my blog. And I’m not trying to be all depressing or angry or anything like that, I just have three days off school and lots of time to spare.

1. I don’t find dogs cute at all, I’m obsessed with cats, so when I take the time to pat your dog when it starts jumping on me while i’m on my way home, I am really just being polite. sorry…

2. I wouldn’t like Chanel clothes if they weren’t Chanel, If I saw the exact same clothes in Caroline Eve I wouldn’t look at them twice. I find that scary.

3. I think drinks taste so much better when drunk out of either a mug or a champagne glass.

4. I think velour trackpants and ugg boots look good. embaressing.

5. i love books but hate reading.

About sokeenfor

This is a collection of things which I really like, not just clothes and stuff but anything really.
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