(Black creepers; Cobra snake; Navy creepers)

Creepers fit into that group of things that you have hated your whole life, and then you see some painfully cool girl with blue streaks in her hair on Cobra snake wearing them and you decide you actually love them and you need a pair right. now.

So now that I have decide my summer style is going to be a sort of mix of grunge and cowboy with a whole lot of old man shirts, crazy nails, brocade, embroidery, lace ups, socks, corduroy, daisy chains and ethnic accesories…I realise that I NEED a pair of these scary goth shoes to accompany my plaid shirts and studs!

I hope that Creepers don’t become the new Dr. Martens, because even though I never really liked them I could have said that they looked sort of ‘ugly-cool’ and grungey until they started to make them in florals and bright colours which ruined it for me. I NEVER want to see floral Creepers


About sokeenfor

This is a collection of things which I really like, not just clothes and stuff but anything really.
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