Sooo pretty…I love seeing all of the details in these videos, it is so much better than just looking at the photos. In these videos you can see the way the models wear it and the way that the clothes move especially when the light breeze hits them.

I have ALWAYS been a Chanel fan but personally I think that this has been the best year of Chanel I have seen, I don’t know whether its just me being (a bit) more mature or if its just because they have been amazing collections but every collection Chanel has put out this year has inspired me so much. And this video just makes me love it even more if possible. The clogs, leather pants, silver with pastels, brown corduroy, messy buns, light fabrics, heavy (fake) fur, gingham and royal style…


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This is a collection of things which I really like, not just clothes and stuff but anything really.
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