(Snoop Dogg crip walk; Tiffanys heart tag chain necklace)

I always go through short obsessions with things to do with gang culture (especially 90’s)( even though I know its completely innapropriate and an issue and very dangerous). At the moment its pulling gang signs. I am trying to learn a couple a week. Just to add to my list of useless skills. So far I have learnt crip, crip killa, hoover crip, bloods, mafia crips, latin kings and westcoast. Other things I have been obsessed with are crip bandanas, trying to read tags and massive gangsta style shoes. And I admit that I always have and always will enjoy listening to rap.

I would love one of these heart tag necklaces. They are pretty without being too girly. And the plain style of it means that it could be worn every day with nearly everything. fingers crossed I can find one!!


About sokeenfor

This is a collection of things which I really like, not just clothes and stuff but anything really.
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