FRINGES: if you have wavy  go for long side fringes, fringes which are grown out or a thin fringe style which is easy to maintain. If you have thin and straight hair fringes like Maggie Glylenhalls and  choppy fringes look great. And if you have straight thick hair a thick, rounded and blunt fringe or long side fringes will suit you.

Make sure to maintain your hair…

If you have a blunt fringe get a trim at least every four weeks to maintain the look

If you have any other style a trim every two months is enough.

Make sure to wash hair and skin to prevent oily skin.

UP DOS: At the moment my favourite ‘up dos’ are sleek ponytails with either a back, side or centre part and with either a wavy or straight and shiny ‘tail’. I also love cute pigtails and Brigette Bardots pigtails are perfect. And of course the buns which were at the Chanel Spring/Summer 2010. They look so fun and floaty!

When you choose one of these styles make sure that they suit you and you feel comfortable wearing them. Start off on the back parted ponytail if you aren’t comfortable for new styles yet.

DOWN DOS: For any type of long or medium length hair a centre part is the easiest way to wear your hair down. I am loving the half up, half down look…whether its messy and high or low and tidy. You can also add in an exciting hairtie or small braid to make it more interesting.

When I am having a bad hair day (most days) I usually wear this hairstyle which is similar to the above picture of adriana lima:

1. Put your hair into a centre parting 

2. Take a small section of hair on one side of the parting and pin in back using bobby pins.    

3. repeat on the other side of the parting making sure that they are even.      

4. You can also braid the sections or twist them for a different look.


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