When you’re travelling it’s so tempting to wear the obvious ‘comfy clothes’… trackpants, hoodies, baggy t-shirts and of course ugg boots. My mum has always made me dress neatly for the plane and her reasoning “because travelling is an occasion, and an occasion is something to dress for”. This actually makes sense to me. So why do we feel that we have to wear usually Ill- fitting , usually ugly and usually velour clothing to feel ‘comfortable’ while travelling? Sure, we dont want to go all out or attract too much attention while travelling via aeroplane for obvious reasons. And we also want to be able to sit in the outfit for a few hours, be able to run around (or move at a fast pace), be comfortable in the climate of the countries you are travelling in and out of and also to be able to stretch and bend in the outfit.

So here are some replacements for some real-life outfits that I have seen.

Velour juicy tracksuit,  scruffy bun, ugg boots…you know who you are. 

Full length wool jumpsuit, a ponytail and some of those melissa by vivienne westwood ballet flats.

Well worn flanalette pyjama pants, GIANT hoodie, pillow and ugg boots again.

Some silky pyjama pants or satin pants, a blazer, scarf and a pair of wedge ankle boots.

Warehouse grey trackpants, oversize t-shirt and surprise surprise ugg boots.

Some better fitting trackpants from country road, a fitted t-shirt, a fur gilet and some tennis shoes.


About sokeenfor

This is a collection of things which I really like, not just clothes and stuff but anything really.
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