TBH I think that the shoes on the top are quite ugly…but that doesnt matter because imagine the fun you could have with them, changing them around and sticking cute little soft toy looking things onto the straps! It sort of reminds me of those tiny rubber animals that you can buy to decorate crocs with. And obviously the Giles dinosaur bags look like so much fun! I don’t think that you can actually do much to them, but wouldn’t it be amazing if Giles did a collaboration with doodlebears and made a dinosaur bag that you could draw on just like the ‘Fendi Artist Baguette’ but 100 times cooler.


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This is a collection of things which I really like, not just clothes and stuff but anything really.
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One Response to TOY CLOTHES

  1. omg charlotte I want that bag!!!!!!!!! i hav had my eye on it for agess haha xxxx

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