(Zippora seven No magazine and the 1984 Olympic games, Rumi No Magazine and unknown winter olympics, Ksubi by Cobrasnake and unknown olympics, Chanel advertisement and Jeremy Scott for Adidas hoodie)

When your keeping fit it is important to look good. because when you look good, you feel confident. And when your confident you do your best. and doing your best is what sport is all about.

When I buy a piece of ‘sport clothing’ I make sure of five things:

– That it is not too tight and that I feel comfortable in it.

– That some of it is fun and interesting to wear.

– That 90% of what I am buying is black, white or grey.

– That I will be able to wear it with other things when I go out

– and that it does not look unwearable, arkward or out of place.

So my favourite places to shop for ‘sport clothing’ are Adidas, vintage shops and cotton on body . I look for hoodies, windrunners (especially with matching pants), running shorts, grey and velour track pants, running leggings, tennis whites, vintage adidas t-shirts and modern sportstops.

At the moment i have noticed that a couple of items of ‘sport clothing’ have been adapted into everyday trends. Such as basketball tops which look great over pretty lace dresses and skirts, 80’s style running shorts which Rumi Neeley commonly wears under short dresses and trackpants which have been updated and worn along with items straight off the runways and chunky heels (just like my favourite Maurie and Eve’s)


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This is a collection of things which I really like, not just clothes and stuff but anything really.
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